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British Barber Co are premium men's barbers who are experts in providing a high quality male grooming service.

About Us

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Welcome to the British Barber Company, one of Bristols largest and most experienced mens grooming establishment with over 25 years experience.

Headed by Justin Patterson, his creative team of 14 barbers are in three stunning shops located in Bristol.

The British Barber Company are classic gentlemens barbers specialising in both contemporary and classical mens styles, with skills in razor works and shaving. We feel the clients must be welcomed like a guest and me made comfortable. It is not something that is here today and gone tomorrow, it can sometimes be a life long relationship.

It is our ambition to supply a top quality service at a fair price in unique and beautiful surroundings.

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Product List

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We have a large range of products at our shops, we only sell tried and tested products which we feel give the best results.

Shaving Creams and Cologne


Woody-warm murmers, sacred scents pays homage to the steely masculine form.

Dapper Dan

Extract of West Indian Lime

As every pore is infused with the zing and zest of freshly squeezed west indian limes.

Dapper Dan

Cologne 50ml - £35

Soft shaving cream in plastic bowl 200g - £17

Soft shaving cream in tube 75g - £10

Hard shaving soap in wooden bowl 80g - £20

Hard shaving soap refill 80g - £10

Skin Food 100ml - £15

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Moustache and Beard Grooming Products

Captain Fawcett

Dapper Dan

Moustache handmade folding pocket comb - £8

Moustache wax expedition strength - £10

Moustache wax gentlemens stiffener - £10

Beard handmade folding pocket comb - £11

Beard Oil CF332 private stock - £12

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Hair Products

Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan

Matt Clay strong hold/low shine - £12

Matt Paste medium hold/low shine - £12

Pomade medium hold/medium shine - £12

(stylish product, says what it does on the tin) - £12



Matt head firm hold/medium shine - £12

Shaper strong hold/high shine - £12

(practical dispenser with a sharp look)

American Crew

American Crew

Shampoo 250ml invigorating fresh feel - £9

Conditioner 250ml soft and manageable - £9

Texture lotion 250ml light hold/medium shine - £10

Forming cream 85g medium hold/medium shine - £12

Fibre 85g strong hold/no shine - £12



Red - holds like cement with a medium shine - £7

Blue - medium hold/very high shine - £7

Sweet Georgia Brown- £7

Red - The shiniest of them all. My favourite.

We only sell tried and tested products in our barber shops, which we feel give the best results.